About Benjamin

As a child, all I ever wanted to grow up and be was an artist. (Well, also a magician, honestly. But that didn’t pan out.) I took lots of art classes through my youth, but took another path as a college student and pursued a more traditional career route. Life changed for me in my 30s, when I was able to return to my first love of art and pursue a more creative life. I’ve been privileged to spend most of the past decade primarily caring for my three sons and painting my days away. I try to not take myself too seriously, and simply enjoy the process of creativity.

My days are fuller than ever, and I’ve learned to find joy amid the chaos. I’m passionate about my family, making time for adventures, and art. I love to read and write, hike, work on our house, and channel my creativity. 

My art is whimsical, bright, and bold. I draw inspiration from bold color and the mystery of the natural world, particularly the southwestern United States. I’m Georgia born, but being half-Texan and having lived in the high desert of Colorado for a stint, I’m especially drawn to the colors and scenery of the Southwest. I love traveling and exploring. My art tends to reflect my imaginative interpretation of natural elements. I appreciate all styles of art, but believe that my art, foremost, should bring joy and inspire viewers. I strive to create pieces that authentically reflect myself, which one would also want to look at over and over.

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