Available Works

I’m currently represented by North Park Gallery in Marietta, Georgia. Selected works are available through the NPG website.

December 2020

I’ve been busy for the last half of November working on some fun commission pieces that I can’t share yet, but will after the holidays!

Our theme for the December show at North Park Gallery is “Meliorism,” the belief that the world tends to improve and that humans can aid its betterment. This year has definitely challenged that belief for many of us, but pressing on and working towards that goal is vital. As we end 2020, I find myself hopeful for a unified 2021 in which we all work together to make the world better for all.

I’ve got five new pieces coming to North Park Gallery for December ’20. I’m not sure I’ll have any more of these mixed media pieces coming, so this is likely the last batch in this style.

“I’ve Got To Believe It’s Getting Better”, 16×24 Mixed Media, $650
Four Mini 4×4 Framed Mixed Media Pieces, $65/ea.

November 2020

This latest series of mixed media pieces I’ve completed Summer through Fall of 2020. This year has held more than its share of twists, disappointments, heartache, and also opportunities for growth.

While Covid-19 has ravaged the world and cancelled so many plans we had for this year, my family and I have been at home, mostly. We occupied much of our time from Spring through Fall with tending our family gardens. We expanded our fruit and vegetable plots this year and had bountiful harvests. We’ve tended our flower gardens and experimented with growing new plants. We’ve loved all of the new blooms we’ve watched develop; we have greatly enjoyed having lots of bird and insect species visit our plants.

Naturally, my artwork has been inspired by the work we’ve done gardening. Each piece in this series tells a story from this year. Some unexpected, some disappointing, some hopeful, some weary. Overall, I hope they inspire. 2020 has been one for the history books. But, it’s also provided me opportunity to be a year for growth and exploring new art mediums. Enjoy.

“Dahlia’s Final Gift”, 16×24 Mixed Media, $875
“Dahlia #2”, 8×8 Mixed Media, $125
“Dahlia #1”, 8×8 Mixed Media, $125
“Transparency”, 16×16 Mixed Media, $385
“Coffee With a View”, 24×30 Mixed Media, $1585
“Tulips and Daisies”, 21×24 Framed Mixed Media, $500